Easy Exercises to Keep You Fit While on Holidays

By , 07 Feb, 2019

  Move, look and feel better with pilates!   To continue our month of Fit Feb, we caught up with our beautiful friend Tori, Founder of Peaches Pilates – our go-to pilates studio in Sydney. […]

The Most Important Part Of ANY Workout

By , 07 Feb, 2019

At Vida Glow we believe there is one key component to every training program…. REST and RECOVERY. With #FITFEB drawing to a close, we are continuing to focus on finding ways to keep active each […]

Postpartum Exercise: Founder of Vida Glow’s take on #FitFeb

By , 06 Feb, 2019

Anna Lahey’s take on #FitFeb 10 weeks post-partum, with two boys under 2!   I realised today whilst thinking about what to write for “Fit Feb” that I have been either pregnant or breastfeeding since […]

Get More out of Your Workout!

By , 04 Feb, 2019

  Boost Your Workout Goals With Our Pre and Post Workout Snacks   Did you know your body builds muscle and recovers 24 hours a day, not just during workout? Yep. It is the time […]

Top 7 Tips to Change your Life!

By , 04 Feb, 2019

                      Each and every one of us all have our go-to ways to do things. It’s a little bit like reflex. Get on the bus, […]

How to Rewire Your Mind and Reach Your Goals

Life is all about goals. Whether you realise it or not, we’re all working towards something in our future. It could be fitness, health, studying, wealth, relationships or career related, but every single one of […]