Why You Need To Stay Hydrated During Seasonal Changes

Is your skin cracked and sore? Does your hair lack strength and shine? Are your nails becoming weak and brittle? If you have answered yes to one of these, chances are your body may be […]

Is your skin cracked and sore? Does your hair lack strength and shine? Are your nails becoming weak and brittle? If you have answered yes to one of these, chances are your body may be affected by a lack of hydration. As summers go and winters come, changes in weather can wreak havoc on our hair, skin and nails. Cold winter months may find us reaching for more comforting food choices rather than drinking water and staying hydrated. When weather change happens, it is essential to hydrate and nourish your body to create a barrier from damage.


In summer, humidity influences the shape of our hair by breaking its hydrogen bonds. Hydrogen bonds are what give hair structure. When these are broken, hair will become frizzy. Moreover, excessive sunlight will also break bonds in hair, leading to permanently damaged, dry and brittle manes.

Exposure to winter winds will cause hair to become damaged and more prone to breakage. Not only that but cold and dry air causes the cuticles of the hair strand to lift, preventing moisture being locked in and causing our hair to split.


The sun is our skins worst enemy. High exposure to the sun will lead to sun damage including pigmentation, cracked skin and sun spots. Hot skin can also be the bearer of blocking our sweat glands, which can create pimples. When temperatures cool down, cold temperatures will strip moisture from our skin which makes skin cracked, sore and more prone to inflammation and itchiness.


Pool time, swimming and sunbathing are all contributors to weakening our nail bed. Not only that but hot temperatures can also make our cuticles dry out which affects our nail growth.

Let our Hydration Pack Protect You

Changes in seasons will always be inevitable, however the way we prepare for them can dramatically improve the health of our hair, skin and nails.

At Vida Glow, we have taken the stress out of weather change with our Marine Collagen Hydration Pack. Our Hydration Pack of Mango, Peach and Original is full of Vitamin C and Marine Collagen which helps to boost collagen in our bodies so that our skin, hair and nails can be hydrated and revitalized. Clinically proven to improve the strength and structure of our hair, skin and nails, collagen can act as a barrier for the effects of hot summer nights and cold winter mornings. With collagen being shown to improve skin hydration by 91%, our hydration pack is the perfect addition to your day.  A lack of collagen in our bodies will lead us more prone to the effects of weather damage. By increasing collagen levels in our body we can give our hair, skin and nails strength and stability , giving ourselves a little more love and a little less damage.

Take throughout the day with water for effective results. 

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